We are engaged in offering our clients a wide assortment of Hank Indicator (Single / Three Shift) that are ideal for plain & auto looms.
Owing to our vast industry experience of more than 40 years, we are offering textile counters used on spinning machines, weaving looms, and other machines. The counters offered are Hank Indicators used on various spinning machines, 3 Sift Hank Indicators, Pick Counters and Loom Length Measuring Counters used on weaving looms, Counter Meters used on Circular looms weaving HDPE/PP woven sacks, and also single shift Reset Meter Counters.
Our quality range has enabled us to serve more than 2000 textile, woollen and jute mills across the nation. Also, we are OE supplier of counters to various textile machinery manufacturers.
We supply Hank Indicators of different models for MEI / NMM, Texmaco, Textool, Lakshmi Machine Works and MMC spinning machines.
We have, due to continous upgradation of our technology and progressive approach, developed electronic & digital production counters & indicators which are used in range of industry whose counting the production is neccesary.
Pick Counters & Loom Length Measuring Counters for looms such as Ruti-C Auto & Rapier looms, Cimmco Auto & their Dornier Shuttleless looms, Sulzer looms, MEI/ NMM Ruti-B Auto looms, Honest, Icol, Laxmi & various other makes and models of looms.

Loom Counter Meters in three & single shift design for Circular looms of Lohia Starlinger, Cirwind Machine Manufacturing Co. and Eastern Engineering (Cirtex) and for Circular looms of various other makes.



Drive: Back Side

Mounting: Bottom bracket

Suitable for: All makes of Ring, Speed and Doubling Frames



Drive: Bottom/Top/Back/Sprocket Wheels
Mounting: Back rod 12mm diameter/Top back bracket/Bottom back bracket/Panel type
Suitable for:
L.R. DJ/5 & G5/1 R/F, Textool DJ/50,
Jeetstex & RKI R/F, L.R. & Textool Speed Frame Flat Insert Model GS, Textool Doubling, Chinese Ring Frame Model EJM-168,
MEI/NMM, Texmaco-Zinser R/F, MEI/NMM, Texmaco and Jeetstex Doubling,
MMC Speed Frame Model S-4,
Texmaco Hi-Spin 200 Model R/F, Texmaco RTF-200 Model Doubling, Texmaco RME-100 Model Speed Frame
L.R. Draw Frame DO/2S, L.R. Speed Frame LF-1400



Suitable for Lohia & Cirwind make Circular looms for woven sacks; Ratio 1:1 for Lohia looms & 1:1 / 1:5 for Cirwind looms.
Drive: right / left side through sprocket wheel & chain
Mounting: back side on 16mm dia. rod.




4 digits with guide, mounting rod, connecting spindle & worm assembly having solid/split worm.
Unit: 100 picks/1000 picks
Shaft: Tappet/Crank
Suitable for: Jute Looms