Our clients avail from us a comprehensive array of Scientific Instruments that is sourced from renowned manufacturers of the market. Our entire range finds applications in pharmaceuticals, food processing, water quality testing, drinking water and many other. Moreover, these stand in compliance with the industry quality norms and policies. Our range encompasses


We are engaged in providing a wide assortment of PH Meters, which are duly tested by our by our quality auditors.

Further, these are used to test the moisture of soil and allows the user to take non-contact temperature measurements simply by pointing the meter and pressing button. Further, these are also useful in Laboratory, Calibration bath, Environment Test Chamber, Educational institutes, Power & Thermal Station. Furthermore, we offer these PH Meter at industries leading prices. We are suppliers of Digital Pocket PH meters, Hanna PH meters, Eu tech PH meters, AZ PH meters. We are the dealers for different types of Digital Pocket PH meters, We are distributors for Hanna Digital PH meters of all types of models.

Technical Specifications:

  • Accuracy: +0.1pH
  • Range: 0-14pH
  • Resolution: 0.1 pH


Our clients can avail from us a durable range of TDS Meters With ATC in pocket size, family tester and table model. The range finds application in water quality testing, drinking water, swimming pools and cooling towers. Other than these, the meters are also used in pharmaceuticals, aquariums, chemical processing and food processing.

Pocket Tester Digital “Hanna” Imported
  • PHEP – PH Tester, Accuracy : + 0.2, packed in Plastic Box, with Screw-driver for Calibration
  • Dist-1 : Pocket Model TDS TESTER with ATC, (10-1990 ppm)
  • Dist-2 : Pocket Model TDS Tester with ATC, (100-10000 ppm)
  • Dist-1 + 2 Pocket Model TDS Testerwith ATC (10-10000 ppm)
  • Dist-3 : Pocket Model
Conductivity Tester with ATC, (10-1990 us)
  • Dist-4 : Pocket Model Conductivity Tester with ATC, (100-19900 us)
  • Checker 1 : pH Tester Accuracy : + 0.2 pH, Resolution : 0.01 pH with Replaceable Electrode,
Family Models Digital “Hanna” Imported
  • Ph – family : ph tester, big display accuracy : + 0.2 ph
  • TDS tester : dist 1, family (10-1990 ppm), with atc,
  • tds tester dist 2, family (0.1-10.0ppt), with atc
  • Conductivity Tester dist 3, family (10-1990us), with atc
  • Conductivity Tester dist 4, family (0.1-19.99ms), with atc
  • Pwt : pure water tester (0.1 to 99.9 us/cm), resolution:0.1us, hi 98308 pwt
  • Chemical test kits complete range hanna make also available

Technical Specifications:

  • Range: 0-1,990 PPM or 0-10,000 PPM


Technical Specifications:
  • Available in pocket size, family tester and table model.
  • Applications: pharmaceuticals, aquariums, food processing, cooling towers, water quality testing, chemical processing, drinking water, swimming pools, etc.
Milwaukee : Pocket Testers : Supplied in an attractive plastic case with calibration screw driver PH 600 : PH Meter, Accuracy : + 0.2 PH

CD 600 : TDS Meter with ATC (10-1990 ppm)

CD 610 : TDS Meter with ATC (100-10000 ppm)

CD 97 : TDS Meter with ATC (1-999 ppm)

CD 601 : Conductivity Meter with ATC (10-1990 us)

CD 611 : Conductivity Meter with ATC (100-19900 us)

Milwaukee sharp tester : Microprocessor based ph tester, automatic calibration cloth junction,rugged one piece, splash-proof casing PH 40 : PH Meter, Range : 0.0 to 14.0 PH, Accuracy : + 0.2 PH, Resolution : 0.1 PH (Same as PH Scan 1)


PH 41 : PH Meter with Automatic Temp. Compensation (ATC), Range : 0.0 to 14.0 PH,

Accuracy : 0.1 PH, Resolution : 0.1 PH (Same as PH Scan 2)

  • Milwaukee : High accuracy tds & conductivity testers : With Automatic Temp. Compensation,
  • Stainless Steel Temperature Housing,10 Times Better Resolution (1 Us instead of 10 uS) 471. T 71 : TDS Meter, with ATC,
  • Range : 0-1990 ppm, Resolution : 1 ppm (Same as TD Scan 1)
  • T 72 : TDS Meter, with ATC, Range : 0.00-10.00 g/l, Resolution : 0.01 g/l (Same as TD Scan 2)
  • C 61 : Conductivity Meter, with ATC, Range : 0-1999 us/cm, Resolution : 1 us/cm (Same as TD Scan 3)
  • C 62 : Conductivity Meter, with ATC, Range : 0.00-19.99 ms/cm, Resolution : 0.01 ms/cm (Same as TD Scan 4)

(All the Sharp Tester & TDS & Conductivity Testers are supplied with a Sacchet of 20. of Calibration Solution & Screw-Driver)

Milwaukee smart portable ph/ec/tds meter, (3 in 1), these are available in following models with range:

  • Model SM – 801 Range : 0.0-14.0 PH, 0.0-1990 ppm, 0-1990 ms/cm
  • Model SM – 802 Range : 0.0-14.0 PH, 0.0-4000 ppm, 0-6.00 ms/cm



Required in Public Health Depts., Water Testing Labs, swimming pools, Industrial Labs to check chlorine contents in water.

The easy procedure and steps to check chlorine makes it efficient and effective in use. Application: To check the residual chlorine in drinking water from 0.25 p.p.m. to 2.0 p.p.m.


  • Chloroscope, Range : 0.1 to 5.0 PPM with 0-Tolidine Reagent Solution
  • Chloroscope, Range : 0.1 to 2.0 PPM




We bring forth for our clients a wide range of Hygro Meters along with an alarm clock function. The quality of these meters is duly tested by our quality inspectors so as to deliver a flawless range to our valued customers. Moreover, these meters are offered at economical prices in order to gain maximum client satisfaction.

Technical Specifications:

  • Humidity, temperature and clock display
  • Range: temp: -10 to 60 deg C/ 14-140 deg F
  • Maximum or minimum memory function
  • Room and outside temperature
  • Humidity range: 20% RH to 95% RH






  • Accuracy: ±1.0%
  • Repeatability: ±0.2%
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Accuracy: ±1.0% of range
  • Repeatability: ±0.2%
  • Easy-to-Select Speeds
  • Analog Display
  • Shows % Torque Use Factor Finder to convert reading to centipoise
  • Simple-to-Use for easy setup
  • Available in Explosion Proof U.L. Class 1, Group D locations (without Electronic Drive)


  • Viscosity Standards
  • RV/HA/HB-1 Spindle
  • Quick Action Lab Stand
  • Temperature Bath
  • Small Sample Adapter
  • UL Adapter
  • Thermosel
  • Helipath Stand with T-bar Spindles
  • Spiral Adapter
  • DIN Adapter
  • Quick Connect/Extension Links
  • Vane Spindles
  • Dial Reading (Analog) Viscometers, Model LVT / RVT / HAT / HBT with Electronic Drive
  • Digital Viscometers, Models LVDV-E / RVDV-E / HADV-E / HBDV-E
  • Digital Viscometers, Models LVDV-I P / RVDV-I P / HADV-I P / HBDV-I P ( P = Prime)
  • Digital Viscometers, Models LVDV-II + PRO / RVDV-II + PRO / HADV-II + PRO / HBDV-II + PRO
  • Digital Ultra Rheometer, Models LVDV-III U / RVDV-III U / HADV-III U / HBDV-III U


Flow Cup Viscometer – Ford Cup

We are involved in production and supply of flow Cup Viscometer(Ford Cup). This is an appliance to ascertain the viscosity levels of fluids like water, grease, oil and others. To measure the viscosity level of liquids like lubricants, high capacity viscometers also known as rhemoters are used. Our viscometers are extensively used in Paints, chemicals, lubrication and other liquid processes.


  • Flow Cup Viscometer with stand (ford cup) b-4 made of brass
  • Flow Cup Viscometer with stand (ford cup) b-2, b-3, b-5, b-6, b-7, b-8,
  • Spare cup for above
  • Flow Cup Viscometer (ford cup) b-4, made of brass with certificate
  • Zahn Viscometer cup no.1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 with handle




Avail from us a quality range of advanced technology based Altimeter Instrument. Manufactured using quality tested components, this instrument is marketed at competitive prices. Owing to features like accurate measurements and reliable performance, these are extensively used to measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level.
Barigo make Digital Altimeter, model 44. It provides Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Altimeter data, dual time, chronograph, chronograph data and alarm function.
The Barigo make Altimeter with a resolution of 1 meter has a working range of -700 m to 9000 m.


Main Feature:
  • Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor
  • Quick response
  • SMD assembling, stable performance
  • Smart MCU control
  • Direct testing process LCD indication
  • Digital LCD display with light blue backup
  • Portable and fashion design
  • Audio warning beyond pre-set limit
  • Sensor fault self checking
  • Battery saved design, low voltage indication

Technical Data:

Sensor type: Flat surfaced alcohol sensor

Detection Range: 0.00 – 0.20BAC%;
0.00 2.00g/L
0.00 – 2.00BAC‰
0.00 -1.00 mg/L;
0.00 – 200mg/100mL

Alarming Level: 0.05BAC%; 0.50g/L; 0.50 BAC‰; 0.25mg/L; 50mg/100mL

Accuracy: ±0.02?C at 0.05?C

Working Voltage: DC4.5V 3×AAA Batteries; Working Current: ≤120mA

Working Environment: Temperature -10 50

Relative Humidity ≤95% No Dews

Display: 3 digits LCD display with light blue backup

Dimension: 103×65×27mm (L×W×H), ≤64 g Battery excluded

Battery expectancy time: ≥200Times.


Also find Description of Gas leakage tester as follows: Single ColourLED display with 6-Level Leak Alarm. • Real time sensitivity adjustment. 14 inches (35.5cm) flexible stainless steel probe. Working Mode : Continuous and no limit. • Reaction time : Instant. • Warm-up : about 6 sec. Power Supply : 3VDC (2 quality batteries). Detects all kinds of halogenated refrigerants. Detects Ethylene Oxide gas leaks in hospital sterilizing equipment ,in high voltage circuit breakers. Detects most gases that contain Chlorine, Fluorine ad Bromine (Halogen Gasses). Detects Halogen Gases in Fire-Extinguishing system.



TPI 712 Combustion Flue Gas Analyzer for Boiler Maintenance and Efficiency Testing
Deluxe Analyzer with Optional Infrared Printer

The TPI 712 combustion analyzer feature quick and simple set up. Fast purge and the ability to perform fuel selection during start up enable tests to be performed quickly without requiring extra set-up time after initial startup. The 712 analyzers also use the last selected fuel as the default setting. This feature prevents the need to perform fuel selection every time the analyzer is turned on.


  • Tuning of residential and furnaces and domestic boilers
  • Ambient and stack testing for Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Monoxide safety measurements in and around combustion sources
  • Temperature checking, including superheat and hydronic differential temperatures
  • Detecting gas leak in gas lines and around gas fueled appliances
  • Dual input differential manometer with 3 selectable units of measure: kPa, mBar, inH20


  • Measure Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, CO/CO2 Ratio, Calculates boiler combustion efficiency, Gas Leak Sensor
  • Store function to save up to 50 readings
  • Data Logging with time and date stamp
  • Pump driven for fast response
  • Built-in differential manometer with 0.001″ H2O resolution
  • Built-in differential thermometer
  • Push on fittings for fast and easy use
  • Will not shut off if 15ppm CO is present for increased safety
  • Large easy to read backlit display
  • Optional A740 IR printer available for hard copies of test results

Measurement Parameter

Gases Range Resolution Accuracy
Oxygen 0-25% 0.1% +/- 0.3%
Carbon Monoxide 0 to 10,000ppm 1ppm +/- 5 ppm or 5%
Carbon Dioxide 0 to 25% 0.1% Calculated
CO/CO2 Ratio 0 to 0.999 0.001 Calculated
Combustion Eff. 0 to 100% 0.1% Calculated
Gas Leak Sensor 100 to 10,000ppm





The Harpenden Skinfold Caliper is a precision instrument designed for use in the performance of Skinfold thickness measurements (from which estimates of body fat are derived).

It is the only Caliper CE marked under the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC for a Class 1 Device with Measuring Function and is calibrated using masters traceable to National Standards.



Dial Graduation: 0,20 mm
Measuring Range: 0 mm to 80 mm
Measuring Pressure: 10 gms/mm2 (constant over range)
Accuracy: 99.00%
Repeatability: 0,20 mm








Measure distance at the speed of sound. Automatic Temperature compensation. Auto Self-recalibration. Range up to 50 feet (13.5m). Laser Targeting. Feet (inch) / Meter (Centimeter) one touch switch conversion. Auto Power-off. Battery : 12V 23Amp. Low battery indication.








Brass Sundial Compass with Removable Lid is a beautiful solid brass reproduction of an antique sundial compass. The compass card is mounted perpendicular to the needle and the entire card rotates to allow stable and accurate readings. There is a needle lift thumbscrew to secure the compass needle while in transport. The brass sundial compass is 3 3/16 inches (8 cm) in diameter, 1 5/8 inches (4 cm) tall, and weighs just 9 ounces (256 grams). This sundial compass makes a perfect desk accessory for the distinguished office. The lid is recommended for personalized engraving and the bottom of the sundial compass has room for an additional longer message.
The Stanley London Large Polished Brass Sundial Compass with Removable.

We are the leading supplier and trader of all kind of compass. the Micro base plate key ring compass comes along for the ride without imposition. You get cardinal points and a millimeter scale. Features: 2.1″x1.3″x.4″ .4 oz. Cardinal points mm scale Brass split ring