Densi Meter

To instantly determine the number of yarns per cm or inches in knitted and woven fabrics by refractions made of unbreakable flexible plastic. Types of densi meters available: 20-90 threads/inch 50-120 threads/inch 90-170 threads/inch

Hank Indicatorsingle/Three Shift

Available in single/three shift, Non resettable; Suitable for plain/auto looms; State gear box position/ Direction of rotation; Spares like gear box, rod on request. State front roller dia. Also available single/three shift pick counters, 1=100/1=1000 picks for crank/tappet shafts.

Push Pull Gauge

Push pull Meter is a force measuring instrument for both push and pull. RED POINTER retains the maximum reading encountered.
Accuracy: +/- 1 division
Range: 300/500/1000/2000/3000/5000/10000/20000/30000/50000 grams
Optional Accessories: Stand with Holder – Slide

Splice Strength Tester

Splice Strength Tester determines the splicing strength of yarn at the time of spinning. The instrument is available in three different ranges: 500/1000/2000 grams

Preset Counter

5 Digits. Quick Lever Reset —- Left / Right. Drive —- Left / Right / Both. Operation —- Top Coming / Top Going. Counts downwards from the preset value. Operates a microswitch while changing from 00000 to 99999. Std Ratio —- 1 : 1. Speed —- 1440 rpm. Mounting holes —- 4 Holes of 5.1 dia. Available in revolution/stroke/meter counter with key/press-button reset.

Special Purpose Non Reset Counter

Miniature, Non resettable 5 digit counter; State Right/Left side drive & Direction of Rotation; Highly used in ticket punching m/c, circuit breakers..

Card / Leaf Gauges

Made from imported spring steel; Available in metric/inch or both units in set or loose; Range: 3 thou to 100 thou/0.1 to 0.3mm; Size: 225/300/400 mm long. Width: 32/40/45 mm; Also available nylon/steel scrapper blades & flat gauges in various size.

Precision Level

Flat textile level 150 x.02,.3 or .5 mm/mtr. 200 x.02,.3 or .5mm/mtr. 300 x.02,.3 or .5mm/mtr. Also available in angular/magnetic/square type.

Ph Meter

Range : 0~14pH. Resolution : 0.1pH. Accuracy : +0.1pH. Applications: pharmaceuticals, aquariums, food processing, cooling towers, water quality testing, chemical processing, drinking water, swimming pools, etc .

Petrol Pump Totaliser

7 Digits. Indicates litres & 1/10 th of a litre. Non reversible with stopping mechanism. 4 mounting holes of 5.1 dia. Available for L&T’s old pumps/Z line/Excel/Avery/Midco/Aplab pump. Reversible totalisers are also available.

Thickness Gauge

Used for measuring thickness of objects like polythene, rubber, leather, Paper, card board sheets. Very convenient to handle due to light weight; Range: 0-1/10/20mm. Available in metric/inch Available in different throat depths, suitable for different measurement requirements Available in different readings and travels.

Vibration Meter

Display : 15mm(0.6”) digit. Measurement : Velocity, Acceleration RMS value, Peak value, Data hold, Max. & Min. Value. Range : Velocity : 2 ranges, 20 and 200mm/s. Acceleration : 2 Ra

Tachometer & Accessories

Available in contact/non-contact/combined type; Range: contact: up to 50,000 rpm Non-contact: up to 1, 00,000 rpm; Accuracy: + 0.01% Mechanical type also available; Also available spares viz male/female centers, disc, rubber tips, extn.rod,And reflective tape

Hygro Meter

Humidity, temperature and clock display; Room and outside temperature; Maximum or minimum memory function; Alarm clock function; Range: temp: -10 to 60 deg C/ 14-140 deg F Humidity range: 20%RH to 95%RH.

Conductivity Meter With Atc

Range: 0-19.99 mS/cm OR 10-1,990 us/cm OR 100-19,900 us/cm Available in pocket size, family tester and table model. Applications: pharmaceuticals, aquariums, food processing, cooling towers, water quality testing, chemical processing, drinking water, swimming pools, etc.

Moisture Meter

Suitable for concrete/wood/yarn/grain moisture content; Range: 9 to 30%; LCD Display; Max., Min., Data hold, Self Calibration.

Prism Jaw Caliper

Imported Prism jaw “V” neck roller setting vernier caliper; Suitable for accurate roller distance measurement; Size: 150/200/300 mm; Available in mechanical and digital type.

Stroke / Powerpress Counter

Digits. Knob Reset —- Left / Right. Drive —- Left / Right. Operation —- Top Coming / Top Going. Speed —- 600 spm. Overall size —- L : 76, x W : 36, x H : 30 mm. Mounting holes —- 4 Holes of 3.5 dia. Also available in key/knob reset ratchet counters up to 7 digits in different sizes.

Sound Level Meter

Range: 35 to 130 dB, 3 ranges, and data hold; Frequency & time weighting IEC 651 type 2; Auto range & RS232 compliance also available; Wind shield ball optional.

Rubber Hardness Tester

Range: 0-100 shore ‘A’ for soft rubber and shore ‘D’ for hard plastic and ebonite Makes available are BSE / STI / HIROSHIMA / KORI/WESTOP; Also available in digital type.

Bore Gauge

Available in digital and analog; Ranges: 0.95mm to 400mm; Application: indicates hole diameter.

Insulation Tester/Meggar

Features: 1] Single Person Push Button Operation. 2] High Accuracy +5% of Indicated value in effective Range 3] Terminal Voltage : > 85 % of Rated voltage for insulation Resistance. 4] ABS Resin Yellow Case with Acrylic Meter Cover. Range: 0-20 M ohms, 100V DC 0-50 M ohms, 250V DC 0-100 M ohms, 500V DC 0-500 M ohms, 500V DC 0-1000 M ohms, 500V DC 0-200 M ohms, 1000V DC 0-500 M ohms, 1000V DC 0-2000 M ohms, 1000V DC.

Metal Detector

Measure distance at the speed of sound. Automatic Temperature compensation. Auto Self-recalibration. Range up to 50 feet (13.5m). Laser Targeting. Feet (inch) / Meter (Centimeter) one touch switch conversion. Auto Power-off. Battery : 12V 23Amp. Low battery indication.


DC Voltage: 200mV / 2 / 20 / 200 / 1000V AC Voltage: 200mV / 2 / 20 / 200 / 750V DC Current: 200 / 2000uA / 20 / 200mA / 10A AC Current: 200 / 2000uA / 20 /2 00mA / 10A Resistance: 200O / 2 / 20 / 200kO / 2 / 20MO Special Functions: Diode Test, Audible Contunity, Data Hold.

Mano Meter

Measure Guage / Differential Pressure. Pressure Range : 0~5psi (8205) / 0~15psi (8215) / 0~30psi (8230) / 0~100psi (82100). Digital Display of gauge or differential pressure. Select from one of 11 PRESSURE UNITS : bar, mbar,.

TDS Meter With Atc

Range: 0-1,990 ppm OR 0-10,000 ppm; Available in pocket size, family tester and table model. Applications: pharmaceuticals, aquariums, food processing, cooling towers, water quality testing, chemical processing, drinking water, swimming pools, etc.

Stop Watch

Available in digital and mechanical types; Electronic: Reading: 1/100th of second with alarm/timer/calendar display. Mechanical: Reading: 1/5th or 1/10th of second with 1/2/3 button.

Alcohol Tester

Advanced NM Hot-wire alcohol sensor. Quick response, excellent Accuracy. Smart MCU control. Technical Data : Detection Range : 0.001-1.00mg / L(0.000~0.20¿C). Accuracy : +5% at 0.22mg / L(0.05¿C). Display : 3 Digit LCD. Power : 3VDC (2 x AAA batteries) Visible & audio warming beyond pre-set limit.

Coating Thickness Gauge

Coat – M measures Non-Magnetic coating on Magnetic base. It is ideal for coating on M.S (Ferrous) base. Range: 0-1700 micron; Resolution: 1 micron Coat – C measures Non conductive coating on Conductive base. It is ideal for coatings on Brass, Aluminum, Non magnetic SS (Non-ferrous base) and for Anodizing of Aluminum. (MODEL- C); Range: 0-1250 microns; Resolution: 1 micron.

Dial Gauge

To meet diverse requirements of customers, wide variety of dial gauges in different readings, different travels and different mounting styles are produced. Dial gauges with a large- diameter graduation faces to ease reading. All types come with limit pins and an outer frame clamp as standard. Also available in Digital type.

Earth Tester

Suitable for measuring earth resistance and specific soil resistivity; For Digital type: 0-5-500/1000/2000 ohms; For Analog type: Any one Single range: 3, 10, 50,100,500,1000ohms; Any one Dual range: 3/30, 5/50, 10/100, 30/300, 50/500, 100/1000 ohms; Any one triple range: 2/10/100, 3/30/300, 5/50/500, 10/100/1000 ohms; Any one four range: 2/10/100/1000, 10/100/1000/10000 ohms; Testing kit also available.

Gas Leak Tester

Also find Description of Gas leakage tester as follows: Single ColourLED display with 6-Level Leak Alarm. • Real time sensitivity adjustment. 14 inches (35.5cm) flexible stainless steel probe. Working Mode : Continuous and no limit. • Reaction time : Instant. • Warm-up : about 6 sec. Power Supply : 3VDC (2 quality batteries). Detects all kinds of halogenated refrigerants. Detects Ethylene Oxide gas leaks in hospital sterilizing equipment ,in high voltage circuit breakers. Detects most gases that contain Chlorine, Fluorine ad Bromine (Halogen Gasses). Detects Halogen Gases in Fire-Extinguishing system.

Infra Red Thermometer

Backlight LCD display; Distance to spot ratio, Auto power off; Range: -18 to +500 deg C up to 2000 deg C, Selectable switch for C/F; Suitable to measure temp. In heat treatment furnace, high voltage operating plants.

Lux Meter

Range: 200 to 2,00,000 lux; Resolution 1 lux; Foot candle unit selectable.


Carbide tipped measuring faces parallel, ground and lapped. Heat insulating grip plates cover the entire handling portion of the micrometer frame. Error-free reading due to deep laser marked scale divisions. Range: 0mm to 300mm (Reading 0.01mm & 0.001mm), 0″ to 12″(Reading 0.001″ & 0.0001″). Also available in digital type.

Revolution Counter

5 Digits. Quick Lever Reset —- Left / Right. Drive —- Left / Right / Both. Operation —- Top Coming / Top Going. Std Ratio —- 1 : 1. Other Ratio —- 1 : 2, 1 : 3, 5 : 1, 10 : 1. Speed —- 2000 rpm. Overall size —- L :165, x W : 66, x H : 55 mm. Mounting holes —- 4 Holes of 5.1 dia. Also available in key/lever reset up to 7 digits.

Clamp Meter / Tong Tester

DC Voltage: 400mV, 4, 40, 400, 600V (Autoranging) AC Voltage: 4, 40, 400, 600V (Autoranging) DC Current: 400, 1200A AC Current: 400, 1000A (TRMS) Special Functions: Capacitance, Frequency, Analog Bargraph, Peak Hold, Data Hold, Max, Continuity, Diode Test.


Provided with a fine-adjustment carriage to feed the slider finely. Can measure OD, ID, depth, and steps Accuracy: ±0.03mm, ±0.04mm; Graduation: 0.02mm, 0.02mm (.001”) or .001” (1/128”) Range: 0-150/0-200/0-300mm OR 6/8 Available in dial type/digital type vernier caliper.

Yarn Tension Meter

Determines load during processing of yarn while spinning and winding, followed again during warping and during weft winding; Round/pistol models available; Range: 5-30/10-70/50-120 up to 500 grams; Also available in digital type.


Analog/Digital type models available with power pack, charger & code;230 VAC/battery operated; Range: 150-30,000 rpm.

Road Measurer

An accurate, convenient and rapid way to measure distance; Measures length of land/cable/road in meters up to 9,999.9 meters; Accuracy 0.1 meter; Supplied in an elegant rexin bag with folding handle; Useful for MTNL,BSNL, surveyors, civil engineers, contractors, railway dept, etc; Available in ½ meter/1 meter circumference wheel.


For CLIMBING, CAMPING and SAILING with BAROMETER, WEATHER FORECAST, COMPASS, THERMOMETER and MIRROR. Alti Meter Range : 0~5000 Meter. Barometer Range : 700~1000 hPa. Temperature Range : -20~60oC. With Carrying Case

Refractometerstarch Meter

uitable to measure constrantate of liquid like sugar juice, starch; Helps in assessing harvest period of sugarcane; Helps to obtain stiffness in cloth pouring correct density starch solution.


An electronic battery operated wind speed meter measures speed in m/s, km/h, f/min & knots Size: 168×80 x 35mm sensor head Dia:72mm Dial type mechanical model also available.

Meter Counter / Measuring Machine

Measures the lenth in meters with two wheels of 1/3 meter circumference. The counter is fitted on a hinge for tilting Wheels requirement to be specified : Knurled Aluminium Wheel (KAW) / Rubber Coverd Wheel (RCW) MM2/MM4/MM5/MM7 models with different attachments and size of wheels.